Late last year, the Museum of Photography in Berlin opened a retrospective of master photographer Helmut Newton’s color works, with images cut out of his print book, Pages from the Glossies (published first in 1998 and reissued specifically for the exhibition). The book—and all of its tear sheet glory—showcases his capture from the leading editorial fashion magazines. And now, in chronological order until May of 2016, more than 500 images are displayed to allow human eyes to trace his evolving nature behind the lens since the 1950s.


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For the love of all things nicely packaged, we discovered that Newton considered the printed page as the most important factor to his work; it was in the framework of an editorial or advertising commission that he found his inspiration and produced his best shots.


Joining the prestigious roster of TASCHEN’s Helmut Newton titles alongside Sex & Landscapes, World without Men, and the much coveted Helmut Newton SUMO, this fresh edition of Pages from the Glossies gathers the most eminent captures from Helmut Newton’s work for magazines across Europe and America: Elle, Amica, VOGUE. They all follow his constant nature in breaking the boundaries in his provocative genre. In 500 sexy pages, we follow him scouting models, Anna Wintour-ing, negotiating between different cultural attitudes towards the nude. Peep show below:

*In lively personal anecdotes alongside the spreads, Newton comments on inspirations, informal moments behind some of his most memorable images.