We’ve previously spoken about the disco nature that takes a hold of LA-based DJ / Producer, Birdee, who through nearly a decade of dance music has toured the world, played the best venues, nabbed some awards and firmed up support from some of dance music’s biggest players.

With our senses creatively stimulated about recent collaborative news, we’re pleased to support the #DiscoDon as he delivers the second installment of the Midnight In Paris mixtape series ahead of his debut single label release—Unreal, ft. Julia Kautz and Wake Me Up—dropping this Friday, May 20th, and available for pre-order on Apple Music.

We got a chance to preview both tracks, and they’re nothing short of the influence we need on blast throughout our daytime adventures this summer: Road trips, sun salutations during beach days or poolside splash sessions. The euphoric disco notes within the tracks breed simplicity and crystal clear production value to elevate our listening experience wherever we may be.

After listening and deciding that the track Unreal, ft. Julia Kautz should be the soundtrack of our Kismet Collective brand videos, we extended a talk with Birdee to get a download of important things surrounding his music, record label life, wanderlust and more. Watch him go:

KISMET: What about the Midnight In Paris label inspires you?

MARCELLO DE ANGELIS: The name, the vibe, the fact that Tom and Nathan are good friends and the fact that they gave me a six-figure advance to sign with them.

K: What would you like to be doing if you were, in fact, in Paris at midnight? 

MDA: Either stalking Daft Punk or getting drunk on Bordeaux in Montmartre. But more realistically I’d probably be getting into Wanderlust.

K: Describe the intricacies of the tracks you’ve made here. 

MDA: Why don’t you do that? I made them. Ha!

*We did, but we wanted to hear them from you.

K: Late night turn up or daytime party vibes?

MDA: Day party vibes for these tunes. Nothing beats a good pool party. Annnnd, we are in LA!

K: Who is your dream collaborator?

MDA: It would be Tom Waits, but seeing as he’s not a dance music fan I would probably have to go with Thomas Bangalter. I refrained from saying Prince, cause I’m still too sad to talk about him.

K: What are the last three tracks you played for yourself? 

MDA: Oooohh let’s see: Pj Harvey – The Last Living Rose, EscortCocaine Blues, Con Funk Shun – Got To Be Enough.

K: If you could bring one thing to the LA music scene, what would it be? 

MDA: A late alcohol license. Failing that, mozzarella at every table in the club.

*Italians do it better is what we’ve heard. 

K: Aside from LA, what would be your “other” favorite destination to play music, and why?

MDA: Oh man, how do I choose? If I really just have to pick one place, it would probably have to be London because it’s where I grew up musically and the crowd reaction is always incredible. But Milan, San Francisco and Sydney also have a special place in my heart.

K: Favorite quote that applies to your music inspiration. 

MDA: “Get funky or die trying.”

*We’ll take both, please.