The French always coin the most sultry terms that global culture somehow always clings on to. ‘Nuit Profonde’ or ‘Deep Night’ has found its match with a build up of smooth grooves as the sun breaks down, and longevity in sultry house beats a few steps after nightfall with a full moon peak.

Welcome to the third installment of Nuit Profonde, a mix series from the hands of new LA-based music project, Travor. As we noted prior, this hour and a half mix starts slowly (like a sunset) and gains momentum (full moon) while riding steady with exciting, stimulating cuts from the likes of DJ Sprinkles, Deep Active Sounds, Jacuzzi Boys, Yaya and more.

As the budding DJ develops his personal music style, he states, “I tried to incorporate a variety of sounds, from classic deep house to tech-house, a bit of melodic techno, a lot of big groovy bass lines, and chilled out, finger snappin’, butt wigglin’ goodness throughout [the track].”

Naturally, we circled back to Nuit Profonde 002 and 001 to gain our daily audio stimuli, and so we always bring the attractive tracks to house you with our Melodic Bliss.