Nike’s “BE A BALLERina” spec spot focuses in on the subtle regularities of Noelle, an artist chasing her dreams on the daily.

We see her vulnerability on this given day— her morning routine, a train ride, missed grape jelly opportunities and unfortunate forgetfulness due to rushing.

It is here where her abundance of courage, spontaneity and self-reliance shows itself through a ‘JUST DO IT’ inspired moment; Noelle decides to take a leap of faith in her favorite pair of Nikes.

From 2017-2018, the spec spot has won awards and honorable mentions at international film festivals including Oniros, LAIFFA, Los Angeles Film Awards, Global Film Festival Awards and Best Shorts Film Festival.


Produced by: Kismet

Written and Directed by: Renée George and David Kobzantsev

Creative Director: David Kobzantsev

Cinematographer: Aashish Gandhi

Ballerina: Claudia Musikul