There’s something unique that occurs when walking into someone’s home. Aside from initial sentiments of gratitude for the invitation to enter their personal abode, feelings of intimacy and a frenzy of curiosity arise.

The way an individual decorates and displays their home says a lot about them. Beloved souvenirs, cherished trinkets and favorite works of art tend to line the walls and rooms of most homes, all possessing stories begging to be told. Some prefer a clean, simple, modern look, while others love a purposefully chaotic, multi-patterned and excessively texturized interior.

For interior stylist Carley Summers, when someone steps into her bohemian, charm-filled home, she aims to wrap guests in complete peace and tranquility.

Summers has accumulated an impressive social following for her incredible home decorating skills, and has truly re-defined “dream home,” when it comes to interior design.  In an effort to create our own dreamy digs, we tracked down the Florida-based stylist, to find out how she decorates her space, score her interior styling tips and more.

KISMET: When did you discover your knack for interior design/styling?

CARLEY SUMMERS: Ever since I was a little girl I would always rearrange my room, creating little sitting areas and vignettes. Also, my mother has always had an eye for design which rubbed of on me.

K: When decorating a space, what is the first thing you tackle? 

CS: When decorating a room, the first thing I do is bring in a rug. A rug can create a vibe for an entire room.

K: How would you describe your personal interior design style? 

CS: I would describe my style as bohemian global décor. I love textiles and pieces from other countries. I love eclectic and midcentury styles as well.

K: Are there certain things you try to style before others in a space? 

CS: I think it is very important to really decide on a specific style for your home first, whether it’s bohemian, coastal, or modern, or any other style and stick with that. Certain styles look best with certain textiles, and I think a room is built off of layers consisting of throws, pillows, rugs and curtains. After that, you can add in the fun little knick-knacks.

K: Aside from spatial differences, what are some pros and cons to styling an apartment as opposed to a home? 

CS: There is a certain charm an apartment can have when styling. Space is usually more limited with an apartment, which allows you to add a fun look by piling things on top of one another, creating a boho gypsy vibe. You can also add fun storage units to help with space. With a home, a larger floor plan provides more styling options, creating specific places and allowing a space to come together more easily and freely. However, a smaller space like an apartment forces you to be more strategic and creative.

K: Bohemian-style decorating uses so many different prints, colors and textures, and it seems like it might be tricky at times to bring it all together. However, you seem to have truly mastered this idea. What’s the trick to styling a home/apartment with so many wild prints and textures? 

CS: I think the trick is to keep trying! I think a lot of people give up when something doesn’t work together, but it does help to have some sort of color pallet in order to keep a space cohesive.

K: Do people ask you to help design and style their homes?

CS: Yes, people ask all the time! Most people reach out to me through my Instagram. Most people have an idea of what they want, but need help pulling their vision together, which is where I come in! I try to advise people not to be impulse buyers and to wait until I can have a look and can cast vision together.

K: What room in your house are you most proud of? 

CS: If I had to pick just one room, it would be my sunroom. It’s a very narrow room and when I first moved in, I knew it would be a challenge. Once I realized it was not going to be perfect, I let my styling juices flow, and it became my haven for rest. It’s like a little greenhouse and the first room you see when you walk in my home. When others walk in, they feel tranquility and peace, which is what a room should exude.

*Her advice to you if you’re trying to get at interior styling for the first time: “If styling is not your skill set, you should definitely hire someone for a second eye in order to help your vision come to life. It’s easy to rely on Pinterest to style your home, but having someone who is passionate about styling can really help your personal style and home be a dream come true.” Peep her Instagram to steal her boho interior style and more.