Illustrator Lucas Beaufort did not grow up with a paint pen in hand, scribbling masterpieces from the crib. In fact, he never dabbled in the arts until the age of 26. Now, in his mid-thirties, Beaufort has had his nonsensically quirky art featured on countless magazine covers, dozens of skateboard collaborations, art installations and more.

Growing up in the skate scene on the streets of Cannes, France, Beaufort remained continuously inspired by skateboarding and it’s surrounding street culture. Now, as one of the industry’s most celebrated illustrators, known for his iconic monster-like drawings, Beaufort travels the globe hosting art shows, skating foreign streets and forever chasing artistic inspiration.

We caught some words with the otherwordly gent:

KISMET: How’s everything in the art world been treating you?  What have you been working on recently? 

LB: I feel so good now, traveling every few months for a new project. I can’t complain. I’m flying now to San Francisco for the third round of The LB Project and I’m working hard on my video documentary called DEVOTED. Basically, this year I’m going to travel the globe to meet the most influential skateboard media.  It should be released in 2017.

K: You recently had an art show in Long Beach, how was the show for you? 

LB: It was amazing! I had the chance to make it happen at PORT which isone of the best stores in Long Beach. Jim and Joshua (owner of PORT) are the best and I felt right at home.

K: What were some of your favorites pieces featured at the Long Beach art show? 

LB: I think it was the hand-painted (skate) boards and the recovers, acrylic paint on skateboard cover.

K: How did this show differ from previous art shows you’ve had?

LB: It was my first art show in America, and it was during the Agenda trade show, so a lot of people from the skate industry came. I was stoked.

K: What’s the craziest place you’ve traveled for work?

LB: It’s crazy, I think I take 70 different flights a year. Thanks to my art, I have the chance to travel the world. End of March I will be in Osaka and Tokyo for my up coming art show. Bug from Mint skate shop invited me to do something special. I’m going to collaborate with Japanese photographers.

K: I saw your board series collection with Zero Skateboards is now available. When did that collaboration officially release?

LB: I felt so honored to do this collab with ZERO. It was one of my favorite brands when I was a kid. A couple of months ago Jamie Thomas, the founder, called me in the middle of the night to do something with him. I’ve really enjoyed painting their team riders’ faces. The board series is now available to your local skate shops.


K: How does this Zero Skateboards collaboration differ from previous collaborations or artwork of yours?

LB: I agree with you when you say, this collection is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. What’s the point of making something that you see everyday at skate shops. I wanted to do something new and I hope that people feel the same as you.

K: The first time we spoke, a few months back, you had just released the first edition of The LB Project. Tell us a little bit about The LB Project and what the latest news is. 

LB: For those people who are not familiar with this project, it’s all about bringing artists and photographers together to support the Harold Hunter Foundation. Now we are in the middle of The LB Project and on January 30 we will launch the third round at FTC. The next one is planned for March 4 in Tampa at The Boardr. This art show has been traveling across the US since September 2015 until till June 2016 with the final show in L.A at The Berrics. Stay tuned!

K: What’s next for you? Any upcoming art shows, collaborations, trips or projects? 

LB: As I said before, Tokyo, Osaka and my video project are my main focus for 2016 / 2017.

*Beaufort was recently in Berlin during Bright Tradeshow and collaborated with his friend Elna from Jerusalem. “Bright Tradeshow is the perfect event for meeting people in the skate industry. It turned out really good for us.” — LB. Catch the artist on Instagram